The Resurrection of Sarah Finfield Press Release

For Immediate Release
A CBM Christian Book Marketing Press Release

Sharon Brock Heldman releases The Resurrection of Sarah Finfield, a romance/mystery novel.  Intriguing, this novel encapsulates young widowed and distraught, Sarah Finfield.  Her future held in bondage to a tragic day when her world collapsed and all hopes failed.  As the scripture says, “. . . but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”  And so through the pages the reader will find suspense, intrigue, romance, tragedy, and regret – that intertwines faith, forgiveness, classical music and Shakespeare – all leading up to a resurrection – the Resurrection of Sarah Finfield.

Fast-paced, well written and heart-breaking at times, this book brings to light new and old characters throughout each chapter, keeping the readers on edge.  Sarah is a bright and wealthy young lady, whose life of despair is about to change.  Light penetrates the darkness through each unfolding circumstance as the author weaves a beautiful tale of coming to life again after tragic circumstances.  Encouraging, insightful, the author gives readers a glimpse of hope through the hope and anchor of our soul, Jesus Christ.  Engaging and light, one will appreciate the manner of writing and the usage of classical Shakespeare in this highly recommended novel. 

Ministering to seniors in retirement and nursing homes for over thirty years, born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago, Sharon Diane Brock grew up in church.  At the tender age of four Sharon recalls learning of Jesus and loving Him, but made a formal commitment to Him at age eleven.  Discovering her love of writing before she was a teen, after high school she attended Moody Bible Institute as a Missionary/Biblical Languages student and in 1996 graduated from Judson University in Elgin, Illinois with a B.A. in Business Management. 

Sharon had been married to Ken Heldman for 42 years before his passing and has raised five wonderful children: Nate, Matt, Ginger, Georgia and Angela, with the addition of 5 grand children (Lucas, Ethan, Autumn, Jesse and Seth and Isaac).  She has written many stories, some still residing in their handwritten form on the shelf.  To date, Sharon Brock Heldman has published two works, The Resurrection of Sarah Finfield and There was a Great Storm, There was a Great Calm – a touching memoir of a great storm in her life after death took by surprise her beloved husband, but the One who calms the storms led her to victory.  Sharon Brock Heldman happily resides in Belvidere, IL.