Author Sharon Brock Heldman

Sharon Diane Brock was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago. At Midwest Bible Church, she came to know Christ as Savior at age 11. After high school, she attended Moody Bible Institute as a Missionary/Biblical Languages student, and in 1996, graduated from Judson University in Elgin, IL with a B.A. in Business Management.   

She discovered her love for writing before she was yet a teen. During the Woodstock, Illinois years of her marriage to Ken Heldman, and the raising of five children—Nate, Matt, Ginger, Georgia and Angela—she wrote many stories, some that still reside on a shelf in their handwritten form. Only in the 90s did she begin to keep her new books in computer files, and only recently has she decided to publish them. She has written five Christian romance novels, one for each of her children; a little bit of each of them is woven into the stories.   

The Resurrection of Sarah Finfield, a romance/mystery novel, is the story of a distraught young widow caught up in a perplexing mystery. Chronologically, it is the fourth novel that she wrote and was actually started a good while before Ken’s death in 2006. Someday soon, the other four will be available as well!   

ALSO BY SHARON HELDMAN There Was a Great Storm. There Was a Great Calm.   The night before they were to happily retire to a lovely farmhouse in Petersburg, IL, Sharon and Ken stayed in a motel, their belongings loaded on two moving vans, ready to take off the next morning. Early on August 31, 2006, God called Ken home as he slept. A steady series of significant storms, some immediate, swept into Sharon’s new life as a widow. The journey was often tumultuous and sometimes seemingly hopeless, but over the sound of the pounding waves and the howling tempest, she heard a voice saying, “Peace be still.” Within these pages lies the tale of grief and pain, hope and victory, and of a new and unique voyage with our faithful God…“to the other side of the lake.”